Vietnam Railways open new train ticket booking method

Booking train tickets Hanoi to Lao CaiAccording to Vietnam Railways Corporation (VNR), to enhance and facilitate customer service, VNR is implementing new method of booking train tickets online.

VNR collaboration with National Financial Switching Vietnam (Banknet) to provide postpaid billing services through trading system like Internet banking, transaction counters, 6 banks Vietcombank, ACB, VPB, GPB, SHB and Tienphong Bank.

Thus, after the booking is successfully made on electronic ticketing system via Vietnam Railways website , passenger can choose the form of payment to pay later. The booking system is very convenient for passengers on some main routes to tourist destinations such as Sapa in Lao Cai (Booking train tickets Hanoi to Lao Cai) or Hue and Danang cities.

Additionally, passengers can pay for their train tickets through to the old forms such as payment online via credit card, or payment by cash at the station or in the transaction points of the Postal Vietnam Corporation.

In recent years, Vietnam Railways Corporation has been trying to innovate customer service and train ticket booking is one of the main factor, passengers used to buy tickets at the train station and pay in cash to sellers, other passengers book tickets through travel agency, booking was made over the phone and tickets or voucher will be delivered to customers address. The new online booking system will facilitate customers in purchasing tickets and increase the number of passengers traveling by train.

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