Travel to Sapa

Sapa villageIn case you are tired of the urban setting that you usually see in the city then you can visit the remarkable town of Sapa for a change. The town is situated at the remote northwest mountains of Vietnam and became popular because of the amazing panorama of mountains and hillsides that surrounds the place. Another point of attraction that might force you to include this location in your Vietnam tour packages is the rich cultural diversity of Sapa. The entire region of the town is a dwelling place for a number of hill tribes that practice unique traditions and custom that will arouse your curiosity. You will also be fascinated at the panoramic view provided by the rice terraces that looks like massive stairways leading to heaven. In simple words, Sapa is the paradise that vacationers and adventurers are searching for.

The Village of Cat Cat
If you are currently spending one of those Vietnam tours in Sapa then you should check-out the sensational village Cat Cat. You don't have to worry about getting lost since you can reach the village by simply strolling down the road that leads out of Sapa. After several moments, you will discover a path going down the hill to your left and this road is the one that will take you to the village. The village haven't caught up yet with modern technology and that's why you can familiarize yourself with old farming methods that are observed by the local residents by visiting the place. Dropping by at the Village will give you the opportunity to amuse yourself by watching how the villagers and farm animals work together to plow the fertile soil and make it ready for planting.

The visit to the village will allow you to see exotic things such as handcrafted fabrics, awesome carvings and magnificent artworks that you can purchase as souvenir items. The adventurous trek from Sapa to Cat Cat will also allow you to satisfy your eyes with enthralling views that will be imprinted in your mind and will give you a memorable experience in Vietnam tours that you will treasure for a long time.

Other Things to Do in Sapa
You can visit the marketplace of Sapa during Saturdays since this is the time when the hill tribes go to the market to sell their goods. Although the natives have no formal education, you might be surprised to find out that they fully understand the value of money and even some of them can understand and speak basic English. By visiting the marketplace, you will be able to have a glimpse of the magnificence of the design of Vietnamese clothing and handicrafts.

The most popular activity that you can do in Sapa during your Vietnam tours is mountain climbing and hiking. In case you are looking for challenging experience that will satisfy your adrenalin, then you can try climbing the Fansipan Peak which has a height of 3143m and is known to be the highest peak of Vietnam. It takes 3-4 days for experienced mountaineers to get to the top with the use of a complete set of gears and equipment. Obviously, the trek will be longer for newbies. However, once you have reached the top, you will be in awe of the breathtaking views you can see below and feel like a God looking down from above.

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